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The YouYou StoryThe YouYou Story
The Benefits of using YouYouThe Benefits of using YouYou
Useful LinksUseful Links
Charitable ContributionsCharitable Contributions

The YouYou Story

Having worked in the recruitment industry for many years, the founders of YouYou have watched the ebb and flow of the industry, something that really changed at the end of 2008 and continued to be under great pressure throughout 2009. Having adapted their recruitment service continuously to meet the needs of their clients and jobseekers whilst running a traditional recruitment agency when the recession hit they began, through necessity apart from anything else, to study more closely the problems faced by companies recruiting staff as well as people looking for work. It became clear that companies faced serious budgeting and time issues which they themselves were forced to confront even more seriously during the recession. It was therefore necessary to find alternative methods of recruitment, due also in part to increased workloads because of redundancies in other parts of the business.

Whilst advertising on job boards was popular the high volume of people looking for work meant that there was an increase in applications for each vacancy and yet this did not necessarily mean that applicants had the desired skill set or experience. This created yet another time consuming exercise for HR teams and anyone recruiting for a business who then had to read even more inappropriate applications. In terms of their relationships with competing recruitment agencies, the high volume of sales calls and the pressure to respond faster when presented with appropriate candidates so as not to miss out on interviewing them, created even more problems.

These were the factors, together with the greater online presence of recruitment agencies that gave rise to YouYou.co.uk which is a brand new approach to and service for recruiting businesses and jobseekers alike. YouYou.co.uk enables both small and large companies alike to find prospective new employees at a competitive price and quickly. Providing an excellent service which filled a gap in the market was our aim and we think we've done it!

The Benefits of using YouYou


  1. Speed of service, your YouYou profile will be in your YouMail Inbox within 72 hours
  2. Eliminates the need for sales visits
  3. Eliminates expensive advertisements
  4. Allows you to choose and stick to the search criteria eliminating interpretation issues
  5. More cost effective then using an agency or posting an advert
  6. Total control over your own recruitment, time frames are set and you can start interviewing as soon as you need to
  7. Total discretion, your company details won't be disclosed until you are ready to do so yourself
  8. The ability to communicate directly with jobseekers through your YouMail Inbox
  9. Jobseekers' profiles are checked and their criteria verified so that your search is protected
  10. Every Jobseekers' MS Office skills are tested in the event that you have specific requirements which need to be met
  11. Straightforward and easy site to use with no catches and no extra costs
  12. Ability to increase the amount of profiles you receive at a reduced rate once you have submitted a vacancy
  13. Online and telephone support if required


  1. Totally free service
  2. Start your job search without leaving your own home, no need to set up agency meetings
  3. Speed of service, your YouYou profile will be available to recruiting companies almost immediately
  4. Exposure to a wider range of companies
  5. Eliminates relationships with agencies
  6. Eliminates the need to apply for jobs because YouYou the jobs find you
  7. Be your own recruitment consultant, you are in direct contact with companies so you can represent yourself in the way that you wish to
  8. Free skills testing, the results will be sent to your email address so you have a clear idea of your capabilities
  9. Facility to gain exposure of your profile under the umbrella of the YouYou brand having been fully verified and your Profile formatted for further use
  10. Eliminates the over exposure of your CV
  11. Your personal details such as name and address are not disclosed until you are happy to do so yourself
  12. Eliminates discrimination because you are selected based on your skills and experience alone
  13. Your own YouMail inbox where you can communicate with companies directly
  14. The option to store your details indefinitely even when you have found a new job so that you can come back to us at anytime

Useful Links


Chance UK - www.chanceuk.com

Business and Secretarial Colleges

Oxford Media and Business School - www.oxfordbusiness.co.uk

Quest Business Training - www.questcollege.co.uk


TfL - www.tfl.gov.uk/journeyplanner

Streetmap - www.streetmap.co.uk

National rail Enquires - www.nationalrail.co.uk

Employer/employee dispute and Employment Advice

ACAS - www.acas.org.uk


We are always on the look out for talented people to join our team. If you would like to get in touch then please do contact us.

Thank you for your interest in YouYou.


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Charitable Contributions

Our chosen charity!

We have chosen to donate a percentage of every sale that we make here at YouYou to the charity called Chance UK due to the far reaching vision of their founder. They have the foresight to invest in young people before the point at which they become vulnerable to anti-social behaviour which can later develop into criminal behaviour. Although they work in partnership with other agencies elsewhere in the UK Chance is a London based charity - Hackney and Brixton (which is not so far from us). They run a volunteer programme which provides one-to-one mentoring for children aged 5-11 who spend time with their mentor once a week engaged in an activity chosen by the child themselves and it is through this, together with focusing on the child's strengths rather than their negative behaviour, that the child's self-esteem is raised.

We are thrilled to be contributing to Chance UK and believe passionately in their work, indeed as soon as time allows we are hoping to become mentors ourselves!

Find out more: www.chanceuk.com

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please do contact Chance UK through their website… it's one of the most rewarding things you will ever do! Even if you don't want to become a mentor please know that by signing up to our website, you are already contributing… remember, every time a company contacts you regarding filling a vacancy, that a portion of that fee has already been donated to Chance UK.

If you become a mentor please do let us know… we would love to hear about it!